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Google Ads agency: analysis and consulting of PPC campaigns.

Optimizing a website in a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) key means having the right visibility in search engine results. It is not enough to reach the user: you have to capture their attention and convince them to click on the site. For this you need a Search Marketing strategy and a Google ADS Consultancy that fit your Web Marketing idea and improve your conversion rate. Choose an industry expert SEM consultant.

We are Google Premium Partner: it means that we are an expert agency, managing large advertising budgets on Google Ads.

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Google ADS: be found by your customers

Doing SEM with Google ADS campaigns

Google ADS (formerly Google AdWords) is one of the most effective tools in Search Marketing. In fact, with a pay per click (PPC) investment you can place your ads on the Google results page and pay only for the clicks received.

PPC advertising campaigns give good results, but they are not easy to plan: improvising means wasting time and money. Rely on a Web Marketing professional, a freelance with lower costs than a web agency, and ask me for advice. I chose to specialize in pay per click campaigns and Search Engine Marketing strategies to optimize investments with targeted actions:

  • Study of the keywords for the Search Marketing strategy with Google ADS tools.
  • Creation and management of text, video and mobile Google ADS campaigns.
  • Click Through Rate – CTR optimization.
  • Remarketing to reach people who left the site who did not purchase.

With Google ADS, everything is in your hands

The advantage of a Search Engine Marketing campaign with Google ADS: control of results and investments. Every click on the ads is monitored, the return on investment (ROI) is crystal clear. You can find out the conversions of the Search Marketing campaign and change your strategy if necessary. You can put your investments on standby if you run out of stocks or if you prefer to keep the budget for the high or low season. Do you need Search Engine Marketing and a freelance, more flexible than a web agency?

And if it's still not enough..

you should know that we are a Premier Partner of Google and we manage more than 1 million euros a year on Google ADS

You just have to ask for advice to be able to create your Search Engine Marketing strategy together!

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