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Lead Generation - Generation of customers

lead generation

If we wanted to translate Lead Generation we could translate it like this, generation of potential leads.

Lead generation is mainly used by businesses, but can be used by any online business. If you run an online business you will need customers, and in general, companies:

  • they sell products
  • they sell services

Selling “cold” today is almost impossible. 98% of people leave the advertiser’s website and only 2% buy directly on the first try.

The Lead Generation technique is therefore concerned not to sell immediately to the potential customer, but instead prefers to be known a little at a time in this way:

If you do not warm up your potential customer over time, you do not guide him along a path during which you give him (for free) value, it is very difficult that you will be able to sell him something

The lead generation technique allows, once you have received a few data of the potential customer (for example name and email), to set up a sequence of e-mails to be sent to him every few days, in order to cultivate this potential customer, warm him up and only after a while of time to send him a purchase proposal.

Through this sequence of e-mails it is necessary, slowly:

Earn the trust of the user
Be clear and get straight to the point, giving real value in emails
Give him a reason to act now and take the action we want

This e-mail sequence will lead the potential lead to increase the awareness and recognition of the company’s value proposition and will then, only later, be able to sell products and services.

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