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Marketing Automation: take advantage of new technologies to standardize work

marketing automation

The Advantages of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation refers to a software that allows you to automate some repetitive marketing activities. Through the best marketing automation strategies you can:

  • record who visits the pages visited and the dwell time;
  • create emails, landing pages and registration forms;
  • Set up and manage lead nurturing campaigns: sending a sequence of messages differentiated according to some criteria (instead of sending the same message to everyone with a mass shipment);
  • change the sequence of messages in response to the behavior of the contacts;
  • carry out reporting activities;
  • connect to a CRM

Automate Emails

With the automation of Emails, software can be used to carry out a series of activities that allow you to create, schedule, send and monitor all e-mail messages, towards a pre-established contact list. In detail, a software must be set up to perform certain actions (sending content via email) once a certain situation has occurred.

Creating a strategy with follow-up emails is an excellent way to give value to the user automatically. Through this activity, a company is able to make itself known and increase the perceived value of the customer.

Automate activities on Social Networks

Automatic bots on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc … allow you to
respond automatically to the user, making sure that
– based on keywords entered by the user – he receives all
answers he needs and, if he wants to go deeper, he can
contact you directly on Facebook, to your email or your number

Creating a messaging strategy with Bots can save you a lot of time, as you no longer have to talk to each user individually, as the standardized answers will be provided by the Bot.

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