S.A.D.E. Method

The S.A.D.E. is a framework conceived by the CEO of Bitmetrica Angelo Laudati, characterized by four distinct phases that describe the techniques necessary to get the user to convert. This is the main working method of our agency, as it is strongly based on measurement, data and their analysis.

Although it was created to increase conversions in affiliate campaigns, it was soon applied to any company that aims to grow, increase traffic on its website and increase its customers. The acronym SADE indicates respectively the 4 strategies of the method:


metodo sade bitmetrica

What the SADE Method deals with in detail:


Drive traffic through organic positioning (SEO)


Launch advertising campaigns (Advertising)


Analyze your metrics (Data)


Create an email marketing campaign (Email)

sade fase 1 seo


With SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it will be easier to bring organic and targeted traffic to your website, in fact, thanks to the optimization of the Keywords (keywords) inherent to your business, it will be easier to reach the first results on search engines and start acquiring traceable and quantifiable results, regardless of whether it is an e-commerce or not.

SEO takes time for the search engine to get the job done, so it needs to be started right away. It is one of the most profitable marketing strategies, especially recommended for long-term businesses, because it targets users who are actively searching for your product or service online.


In the meantime we have started the SEO strategy, it will be necessary to bring traffic to our site immediately. In this phase, the ADV is essential.

The most useful and effective means to be found by your target are Google and Facebook, because they allow you to reach your business goals in a much faster and more functional way, customizing every aspect of your ad and setting the budget that best suits your needs.

sade fase 2 ads
sade fase 3 dati


Analyzing and measuring the data is necessary to arrive at the conversion. Every single user activity is recorded, and this produces a huge amount of information, useful for understanding what happens, and knowing when, where, how and why the user takes one action rather than another.

It will be necessary to analyze the behavioral data to understand the intentions of potential customers and then analyze the metrics of the results and understand if visitors are completing the objectives defined on the site and if users have therefore performed a specific action.


After acquiring new users, an effective Email Marketing strategy is required to permanently convert them.

It is the best way to “nurture” a long-term relationship with your contacts, retain them, generate sales and give a sense of belonging.

Thanks to this powerful tool you can tell your brand, propose the right promotions to the right customers and monitor attitudes and habits in order to optimize and personalize every communication.

sade fase 4 email
S.A.D.E. Method

The S.A.D.E.Method it has been tested on many of the agency’s clients, with companies in different sectors, from fashion to beauty, from food to training schools, obtaining an excellent ROAS, or the return on advertising spending.

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