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An important and essential component in the world of marketing today is represented by social networks. Social channels today are an important source of both advertising for a brand but also an optimal method to be able to reach potential customers with the right targeting.

To be able to reach the right customers and implement targeted strategies, however, you need professional support such as what a social media marketing agency can provide.

A social media agency is able to advise you on how to use Facebook and Instagram, but also TikTok or LinkedIn (if necessary for your brand), creating a functional strategy.

With billions of users who use social media every day, relying on an agency capable of creating the right project integrated with the main forms of web marketing is now necessary.

The other benefits a social media strategy can bring you are:

  • Ability to create targeted targets
  • Curated and optimized social profiles
  • Campaign scalability
  • Traceability of results
    Campaign monitoring
  • Ability to create retargeting campaigns

What are the recommended social networks? With which you can create the right sponsored campaigns? By relying on a social advertising agency you can identify which are the best social channels to be able to achieve your goals.

Although surely the best solution today is represented by channels like Facebook and Instagram, which adapt to most B2B and B2C brands.

Facebook and Instagram are the most used social networks in the world. Facebook Ads is the best tool, as it allows you to create social media campaigns on both channels, optimizing the target and the objectives to be achieved in the long term.

Carefully managing a Facebook page with the right editorial plan, creating sponsored campaigns in the best possible way requires experience and professionalism in management, such as that which can be provided by a social agency.

A social agency is able to structure a careful strategy designed to achieve long-term goals such as increasing brand awareness, also increasing products sold and bookings on the site.

A social media agency operates by exploiting different tools that lead your business page to grow in the right way by reaching the users who can truly generate a conversion on your website.

Among the support activities that a web agency carries out when managing social networks are:

Creation of an integrated project to achieve specific conversion goals
Social media post management to increase your organic presence
Creating posts in a careful way to get a loyal audience
Creation of a style in line with the tone of voice of the brand
Creation of an advertising campaign in line with the budget

By creating the right strategy, the main long-term goals can be achieved, such as increasing brand awareness and increasing bookings / products sold.

Don’t limit yourself to your regular clientele, increase it thanks to our innovative growth strategies on Facebook.

All companies look with great interest to all social networks to communicate with their users and to acquire new ones: it would be a shame not to take advantage of these communication channels.

Social networks can be used as channels for:

Sale (to convey products and services).
Recognizability (increase the visibility / knowability of the brand).
Customer care (managing the relationship with the customer)

From sales to customer care, however, we must always act with the right attention to the customer and user, in order to support a loyalty that increases over time and also leads to new followers.

This is why using a social media agency is the best solution to have a professional figure in charge of communication on social media over time.

Communication agencies for social media are able not only to manage them, but to give you a continuity and constant updating which are essential to keep your profile active on the platform over time.

Social media management, in fact, is not an activity that can be done for a month and then abandoned. But there is a need for consistency and consistency to achieve real and lasting results over time thanks to good social media management.

The audience of Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads campaigns

The success of this advertising platform lies in the database of information that Facebook and Instagram constantly collect: every action that a user performs daily (such as putting a trivial like) is additional information for the social media algorithms and their databases.

Social media marketing, thanks to the understanding of algorithms and the exploitation of information on the public present on social channels, is able to give support to the creation of more performing advertisements.

By requesting social consultancy from a digital marketing agency, you also get an in-depth study of the best dynamics to reach the target audience based on demographic factors but also related to passions and interests, geographic and so on …

Without wasting budget, an agency that deals with media management can help you create high-performance and converting advertisements.

How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook and Instagram?

Answering this question is very difficult: there are a number of parameters to take into consideration, such as the final target and the competition in the sector.

In general terms, it can be said that Facebook and Instagram are less expensive than other communication channels, both online and offline, and are also an excellent tool for small and medium-sized businesses that want to maximize profits and increase their brand awareness.

Maximizing results at the lowest budget is the main challenge of social media consultants, but only with a winning strategy, based on the experience of an expert, can tangible and monitorable results be achieved over time.

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