Who we are

Who is Bitmetrica and what we do

Bitmetrica is the web agency specializing in online marketing. We build sites, design e-commerce, develop advertising campaigns, create email marketing funnels, and monitor results.


We focus on all the elements that increase a site’s performance: graphics, content, site speed, user journey.

The Bitmetrica Team

Our team is made up of people all under 35. Despite our young age, we are reliable, experienced and serious professionals.

We know how to advise you and always evaluate the best strategy for your online and offline business.


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The Principles of Bitmetrica:

Authority and Competence

We are authoritative in what we do, we are not the first to arrive but we have been doing it for a long time. Even if we are a youthful environment, all under 35, we already have a lot of experience behind us


Our activities are digital and require continuous measurement aimed at optimizing performance. Because our business is measurable, we can know everything about our potential customers.


We are a technical company, which knows how to do its job: we also have developers in our staff, we can consider ourselves “Nerd” in the positive sense of the term, we use technology as we please


What sets us apart from our competitors is the speed of execution. Let’s not waste time having unnecessary long meetings. We go straight to the point, without frills: speed at customer service.

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